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Tasting Notes:  Mango | Passion fruit | Brown sugar


Process – Natural

Altitude – 1800

Varietal – Castillo

Region – Anserma, caldes


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Anserma is located in the western area of the department of Caldas. It is an agricultural centre where the cultivation of coffee stands out.

Luis Miguel invested in a Nuna Coffee drying box that can regulate the temperature and the humidity too dry the coffee. These boxes were pioneered in Colombia to try and combat the extremely challenging in the ever-changing daily climates in the Colombian Andes. To start this project, they selected a few local producers who are known for quality to buy cherry from over the regular market price. From here that the cooperative they then set up a sorting station to pick the ripest cherry and create uniformity. The varietal used in this lot is Castillo.

After picking and separation the coffee is then washed and fermented in sealed barrels for 96 hours. After this it is then put in the drying box where it is dried at 35 – 40 centigrade for 100-120 hours.


Aeropress, Espresso, Filter, French Press, Mokapot, V60, Wholebean

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1kg, 250g


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