Wholesale Roasted Coffee Beans

THE COFFEE COUNTER – Small Batch Leicester coffee roasters

Leicester Coffee Roasters

We spend every working day creating and developing blends and single estate coffee’s for local business’s serving coffee to the public. We have a selection of roasted blends that suit different palates, and depending on the type of consumer you are looking to chase in your establishment, we can create or already have created the perfect bean for you.

We have our famous 3 origin house blend that is designed as an all rounder, roasted med/dark to work well mainly through espresso and milk based drinks, sweet enough on its own but enough kick & crema through a creamy cappuccino.

We supply coffee all around Leicester and the midlands, as we roast twice a week, we ensure you receive your coffee’s fresh out of our Toper roaster we have in house.

We have an extremely simple pricing structure based on 1kg bag by bag order, case orders (6x1kg) or multiple case orders (3 cases a week+)

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, arrange a visit to see us in our roastery or we can come to you on an arranged date agreed, and discuss your coffee requirements.