Barista Training

We work daily with different barista’s, many of which are our customers, which amazingly in return offer their knowledge of service and product. Latte art and the ‘perfect espresso’ we usually like to leave to you guys, however we can offer a basic barista training day which is around 1-2 hours depending on the user and at a cost of £75.00 inc vat, which is extremely cheap compared to the £200-300 programmes you see elsewhere, which will include the following:

  1. Knowledge of your equipment
  2. Knowledge of your machine
  3. How to maintain your machine, Daily/weekly Cleaning
  4. The CORRECT Milk steaming/frothing (we want micro-foam wet paint texture, not oversteamed Big bubbled badness!)
  5. Espresso extraction
  6. Correct tamping
  7. Espresso timing
  8. Grinder setting
  9. Basic Flat white or latte art

There is a kind of simple complexity to create a good cup of coffee for your customers. We like to see it like this ‘Driving a car at first feels impossible because of the amount of procedures you need to follow in such a short period of time, With coffee at first learning all the procedures seem daunting but once correctly followed it becomes second nature’

The best part about that description that it even relates to passing your driving exam, you find your own style of extracting and serving your in house coffee, once you know the correct way to do it, and that how we at THE COFFEE COUNTER see our customers learning their coffee servings.

We offer this service around the Leicestershire area, and we will come to you, meaning its all in the comfort of your own premises.

To discuss the potential of purchasing a new machine, wholesale coffee and barista training, email us @ or fill out our enquiry form with your details and we guarantee a callback within 24 hours.