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Welcome to our Small batch coffee roasting business site. we specialise in the roasting of 100% Speciality Arabica coffee from around the world that we import to our roastery in green (raw) format and roast for wholesale clients as well as general public. We also specialise in the distribution of Espresso machines, and as we are registered by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) we offer a Lease programme on a range of premium commercial espresso machines.

Our Coffee Roastery & Equipment showroom is located in the heart of Leicester city centre, where we as a family have spent over 30 years in the cafe business, and with years of experience have moved our full concentration into full time wholesale coffee supply and equipment distribution for the Midlands and beyond.

Ariyan & his team have an extremely welcoming and easy approach to coffee but believe 100% in quality. The coffee market is now evolving into a much wider business and as the market grows, so does the demand for high quality coffee, as our sourcing policy of only speciality grade 100% Arabica green coffee shows.

The gap in cost price for a cafe to purchase the lowest grade of coffee from bulk suppliers in comparison to purchasing speciality coffee, is of general insignificance once coffee is your sales driver, and we know our coffee supplies the great margins business’s need, but also a premium taste that only freshly roasted quality coffee can provide.

They way we look at it, rule of thumb shows that in 1kg of coffee, a single shot will use 7gram and double shot will use 14g, therefore industry generalisations will show if you pay £14 a kilo and serve a single shot, this will cost you approx £0.09p and for a double shot £0.18p… not a bad gross profit margin for a product that retails at around £2-3

We welcome all business’s to arrange a visit to our Roastery, with absolutely no obligation, where we can discuss the coffee market, where we expect Leicester to be in near future time, and why choosing us as a designated supplier will give you a great kickstart into the evolving coffee market.

We also fully understand that there are many successful coffee outlets out there that already have there own unique journey, where you simply need great coffee at a reasonable price, which we understand to a great extent and work effieciently to make a quick supply chain of coffee for your busy environment on demand.

Please Call or email us to arrange a friendly non pretentious approach.

0116 2540380  – 07545431108 – thecoffeecounteruk@gmail.com

We have developed an easy to use E commerce site where we actively sell our products and coffee online to the retail and commercial market. With regards to full and demanding set up process’s, we urge you to make a call and discuss your requirements more thoroughly